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AES Liquids is a Global Trading Company

We source and distribute crude oil condensates, gasoline components and distilles.

AES Liquids

AES Liquids, LLC (AES) is a global, integrated trading company that deals with the sourcing and distribution of crude oil condensates, gasoline components, distillates, and petrochemicals just to name a few. AES sources products as previously mentioned from the world's leading international gas and oil companies. AES specializes in the most cost efficient methods of sourcing for both large and small scale projects while enabling reductions in execution and carrying costs by implementing hedging mechanisms and swaps.

  • Crude Oil Condensates
  • Gasoline Components
  • Distilates
  • Petrochemicals
  • Working with AES was a great experience. They are simply first class and provide great service!

    Jack Bernier
    Jack Bernier
  • AES was able to obtian the the products in a that we needed in a timley fashion when no one else could come through.

    Amanda Wolf
    Amanda Wolf

Advanced Energy Solutions is a Global liquefied natural gas

trading company certified by the US Department of Energy.

Advanced Energy Solutions

Advanced Energy Solutions LLC (AES-LNG) is global liquefied natural gas trading company that is permitted by the Department of Energy in the Untied States of America. AES-LNG has been structured to export domestically sourced LNG to any country located within Central America and/or the Caribbean, which has, or in the future develops the capacity to import LNG via approved ISO containers transported on ocean-going carriers, and with which the United States currently has, or in the future will have a Free Trade Agreement. AES has a primary focus in the Honduran market surrounding a select group of small co-generation power plants that supply industrial and commercial customers. These co-generation plants are currently fueled with higher priced fuel sources such as heavy fuel oil supplied by AES affiliated entities.

  • Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Certified By US Department of Energy

AES Holdings Philosophy

Forward thinking is the driving force

The forward thinking philosophy of AES is the driving force behind its ability to produce results oriented strategies for its suppliers and customers alike. AES is aligned with key leaders in the industry worldwide - thus affording opportunities that are unseen by its competitors. AES is innovative at the initiation of the contractual transaction in order maximize any and all benefits for both a supplier and a customer. Adding value to all our participants in a transaction is the one goal we aim to achieve.

  • Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Certified By US Department of Energy


Some of our Services

  • Sourcing and Distribution of Crude Oil.

  • Sourcing and Distribution of gasoline components.

  • Sourcing and Distribution of distillates.

  • Sourcing and Distribution of petrochemicals.

  • Sourcing and Distribution of Natural Gas.

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